I use a variety of theoretical approaches, but primarily gravitate toward Narrative Therapy (NT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Play Therapy. I counsel children, adolescents, adults, couples (married and non-married), and families with a variety of presenting problems, such as anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, family issues, grief and loss, and marital issues.


These sessions will be one-on-one with the counselor and client. As the counselor walks alongside this journey with them to wholeness, the client can feel confident in knowing they are in control of their session.


These sessions will consist of a small group of individuals (3-5) or a large group of individuals (6-10) that desire to process together the various common issues that hinder them in their lives. The therapist will facilitate and clients will develop a community of healing for each other.


(Married, Unmarried, Premarital)

Within these sessions, married couples can work to enhance and enrich their existing marriage. Engaged couples can develop a solid foundation for their marriage during their engagement process. For a couple that is dating or courting, these individuals will work to develop skills within themselves that will allow their relationship to flourish and thrive.

Premarital Counseling - As a Certified SYMBIS Assessment Facilitator, a thorough assessment (included in the price) would be used to give couples a detailed outline of the couple's marriage philosophy and expectations. This information will enable the therapist and couple to build on skills that will direct the couple to a positive and lasting marriage. Minimum of 6 sessions is required.

The workshops and seminars conducted will include vital information on communication skills in the workforce, career development for young adults, parental guidance and advocacy, marital enrichment and so much more! Workshops include a minimum of 25 people and seminars include a minimum of 100 people.


Online counseling services provided via Telehealth.